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Pain-free heels for work or partying

Untitled1You leave the house feeling feminine, confident and sexy in your favourite party heels only to arrive at your party feeling sore, unsteady and like you’ve developed a hunch back as you stare enviously at how your colleagues and friends are taking over the dance floor!

Alternatively it may be that you want to look professional in your heels at work but the pain of being on your feet all day is distracting you from concentrating on your work.

Why must we go through such agony to look good- can’t we feel good too?

So how can we achieve a pain-free high heels experience?

It’s simple, easy and efficient – Dr H’s Permanent Party Feet treatment can help

So how does this treatment work? Please tell me more? The treatment involves a minute amount of dermal filler being injected under the “ball” of the foot (providing a cushioning effect under the skin).

What is the dermal filler made up of? There’s no catch here- the dermal filler which is used to achieve a ‘cushioning’ effect to your foot is made up of hyaluronic acid – a natural protein which is already present in our skin, muscles and body. It consists of a soft, gel based filler which contains a very mild form of anaesthetic providing a more comfortable injecting experience.

Will the cushioning make my feet look bigger?No – that’s the beauty of this treatment. The Permanent Party Feet treatment will not change the shape of your feet. It will just feel like invisible ‘padding’ in the sole of your foot enabling you to wear high heels in comfort all day or all night long!

Added benefits to the Permanent Party Feet treatment? As hyaluronic acid is present, it will offer hydration to your foot as well as providing a ‘walking on pillow’ effect.

How long will the treatment take? The treatment will take approximately 20 minutes to administer- yes it is classed as a “lunchtime-procedure”. Nobody will notice that you have had anything done – they will only notice the smile on your face!

How long will it last?The foot cushioning treatment will normally last 9-12 months.  It is always advised for you to come back at 6 month for a review with Dr H and possibly a ‘top up’.

I use only the safest products FDA approved dermal fillers.

I always offer a complimentary consultation with one of our professional Cosmetic Experts who are always happy to answer your questions.

If you would like a complimentary consultation for Permanent Party Feet with Dr H please email or contact me on 0844 884 9960.

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