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Non-surgical nose reshaping

Unhappy with the shape of your nose but don’t want to take the risk of going under the knife? Dr Patel’s non-surgical nose job is the solution!

You now don’t have to go under the knife to improve your nose. Non-surgical nose reshaping uses filler injections to safely alter the appearance of your nose, and you will see results immediately.

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Summary of treatment

Procedure time

15 mins

Back to work




Full recovery

48 hours



Duration of results

6 - 9 months

Common risks and complications

Swelling, bruising, infection, allergic reaction, filler migration


How does non-surgical nose reshaping work? Facial fillers can be used to correct various aspects of your nose’s appearance. Common indications are to even out bumps, straighten a crooked nose, alter the height of your nose bridge or raise the tip. What does the procedure involve? The procedure involves topical anaesthesia and a few small injections to correct the shape of the nose. The whole procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes, with instant results. For further details on our non-surgical nose enhancement service, please email
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Treatment price

Prices start from £350

A consultation is free of charge and with no obligation to have a treatment. However, a £50 refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking.

To view the full price list, please click here.

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