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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly referred to as ‘Botox’, short for Botulinum toxin. This is a naturally occurring protein that causes the muscles of the face to relax. By relaxing the facial muscles, wrinkles are made less smoothed out and visible resulting in a natural, rejuvenated look.

It is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment for the removal of wrinkles and is used by thousands of men and women each year. These injections have been used for many, many years to treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as:

Whilst Botulinum toxin can help relax static wrinkles (lines that are always present) it is most effective for preventing dynamic wrinkles (lines that appear when you smile or frown). By temporarily paralysing specific muscles one can achieve a more youthful and fresher look whilst still maintaining facial expression and a natural appearance.

Often many patients use Botulinum toxin in combination with a healthy lifestyle and skin care regime to delay or prevent static wrinkles occurring later in life and therefore the need for invasive surgery.

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Summary of treatment

Procedure time

5 – 10 mins

Back to work



not required


within a few days, maximal at 2 – 3 weeks

Duration of results

3 – 4 months (longer with regular use)

Common risks and complications

swelling, bruising, infection, allergic reaction, drooping of brow/eyelid


Who should have Anti-wrinkle injections? They are the treatment of choice for people who have forehead lines, frown lines or wrinkles around their eyes which they wish to reduce. What will the treatment involve? The treatment will involve a series of small injections into the muscles of your face. The injection process itself will only take several minutes. Is it painful? Very fine needles are used to ensure minimal discomfort. Often a patient feels a mild scratching sensation initially. Local anaesthetic creams can be used in addition if you require. Dr Patel is very experienced in his technique and his patients often comment on his ‘painless technique’. How long does it take? After an assessment by Dr Patel, a treatment usually lasts 5-10 minutes. Are anti-wrinkle injections safe? Botulinum toxin has been in medical use for more than four decades, and it is administered in such a way that it only affects your muscles and sweat glands – it does not reach any other part of the body. As long as it is administered by a qualified medical professional and the appropriate aftercare advice followed, the risks are extremely minimal. What happens after treatment? You can carry on with your day as normal, although I advise that you avoid lying down for 6 hours, strenuous activity for 48 hours, saunas/steam rooms/other facial treatments for up to 2 weeks. After 4-10 days you will notice an improvement in your lines/wrinkles, and this result will last approximately 3-4 months. Will I notice an effect straight away? Ini­tially you will notice noth­ing at all. The treated mus­cles will grad­u­ally weaken over the fol­low­ing week or so. Most peo­ple do not notice any­thing. They sim­ply become aware that they are no longer able to con­tract the mus­cles. They can still lift their eye­brows nor­mally and blink with­out prob­lems. The full effect is seen after 3 weeks. How long do the effects last? Effects usually last 4 four months in most people. With regular and repeated treatments, effects can last as long up to 6 months. What areas can benefit from an anti-wrinkle injection? Anti-wrinkle injections are most effective when used to reduce the signs of ageing in the following places:
  • Forehead
  • Between the eyebrows
  • Sides of the eyes (crow feet)
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  • Remain upright for 6 hours – no lying down or bending over
  • Only use mineral make-up if needed on the first day
  • Do not rub the face and take care to wash the face gently
  • No saunas, steam rooms or facials for 2 weeks. базы данных мтс базы данных beeline

Treatment prices

Treatments start from £160.

A consultation is free of charge and with no obligation to have a treatment. However, a £50 refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking.

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